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I/we would like to participate in the writing of the Harlem Jewish Community Sefer Torah

Please reserve the following dedications:      
 Ark for Torah $3,600 Donation    
The name of your choice will be displayed on the Ark. 
A book of Torah  $10,000 Donation Number of Books
 One complete book of the five books in the Torah   
A Parshah of Torah  $1,000 Donation Number of Parshiot  
Endow a Torah portion for yourself, your fami ly and/or a friend by choosing a Bar/Bat Mitzvah,wedding or Yahrtzeit anniversary Torah portion.   
Chapter of Torah  $360 Donation  Number of Chapters  
 A verse of Torah  $180 Donation  Number of Verses  
Endow a Torah verse that has special meaning to you, your fami ly or a friend.     
 A word of Torah $90 Donation Number of Words
Endow a word in the Torah that has special meaning to you, your fami ly or a friend.   
Letters of Torah $18 Donation Number of Letters



All Donors making dedications will receive a beautiful certificate in appreciation of their gift.

If you know which book(s),portion(s),Chapter(s),verse(s), word(s) and/or letter(s) you would like to dedicate, please indicate here: 
For assistance in finding your portion, please speak with Rabbi Shaya Gansburg.

Special Selection  $720 Donation    
  You may choose to mark a Personal occasion or to connect to a unique blessing in the Torah.

Blessing to Children

Veyehi Binsoa

Birchat Kohanim - Priestly Blessing

Chazak -End of book

Az Yashir - Splitting of the sea 

13 Attriputes of Mercy

The Ten Commmandments
Name* Address*
City* State*
zip* Home phone*
alternate phone Email*
My/our dedication is in honor or memory of:
Please send certificate to:      
Name Address
Email Home Phone
I/we would like to pay the amount of:  
Payment method: Check - Payable to LYO / Harlem Torah Credit Card
Card Number Expiration date  

All donations are tax deductible.

Checks can be mailed to: 
Chabad of Harlem
437 Manhattan Avenue #4C
New York, NY 10026


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